Friday, December 2, 2011

Berries and Bugs

Whoops, been a slack little blogger of apologies.

Here's hoping this last month of 2011 inspires to pick up my game.
I should have more to write about at least, with Christmas and the associated baking and end-of-year tidying coming up...

To start the month, here's a mosaic of berries'n'bugs, as photographed this morning.

Of note are our first ever blueberries(!), still green, but finally here;  the awesome little fuzzy caterpillar (the likes of which I have never seen here before); and the red-and-white roses, which are actually growing from the same plant- The rose is a 'standard' rose, so a plain white one grafted onto a sturdier rootstock which grows well. The red flowers are springing from the rootstock, and I have let them, since I find the dual colours kinda neat. :-)
The rest of the pics are our raspberry canes which are spreading like blazes and producing frightening amounts of berries; the last of the aquilegia; some teensy little spiders in the garden; some ladybugs which are swarming to the aphids in the garden at the moment; a neat little spiderweb; and a pretty beetle. Which I just identified as a Honeybrown Beetle or Brown Darkling Beetle- it's native! :-)

(If you're using Internet Explorer, right-click on the pic and choose 'open link' to view it so you can then zoom in with the magnifying-glass tool. :-) )