Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five Daily Essentials

My friend Caz has tagged me to join in, so here goes:
My Five Daily Essentials.
(Unfortunately only four could make it into the photo, for reasons I'll explain further down)

1. Coffee. It is my morning ritual to make it in a big mug and sit down in front of the telly with it, or to enjoy it while reading a book. A cuppa tea or decaf usually follows at afternoon tea time.

2. Alfred - Our bunny. A very small and often trip-hazardy creature, but very cute and affectionate and clever and amusing and generally loveable little fellow- the only other person around here to whom I talk on a daily basis. My day just wouldn't be complete with some time spent at floor-level with him.
(Here seen doing his best to nibble on the book which I couldn't leave unattended in the shot, so had to take the photo one-handed.)

3. Lipbalm. I have one or two. (hey, they come in variety packs...) I tend to have them strewn all over the house, so there's always one at hand, somewhere...

4. A Good book. To quote Caz, "To me a book is a security blanket, a suit of armour and a damn good companion." I concur. I tend to read every day at home, and always take one in my bag when out and about, as you never know when you may be bored and need to pass the time, or need to ignore people in public. ;-) I prefer real books to those electronic 'kindle' things anyday. Preferred genres are fantasy, murder mystery, and some teenage fiction.

5. My computer. (While I did ponder setting all my items up in front of my computer, sitting Alfred on my desk (mm, yummy cables and things to knock down) would not have been a good idea.  So, you'll just have to imagine my see-through-with-blue-lights computer and its black/maroon flatscreen monitor sitting on my desk.)
I probably spend far too much time in front of it most, facebook, following interesting people on Twitter, and blogging. Keeps me entertained, and in touch with friends and family.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Already the second month of 2011?

How time flies.

Our self-given Christmas present of a chest of assorted Lebkuchen-Schmidt biscuits finally arrived a week ago, with its packing slip dated 11th November 2010....who knows what tales it could tell?
It seems to have had a nice warm holiday wherever it was, as the chocolate-covered bikkies inside didn't fare so well. But, they still taste good. Luckily my favourites are the glazed ones.

Life is so much nicer when you have a treat to look forward to. :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hoppy New Year!

February 3rd is the start of the Chinese New Year, which this year happens to be the Year of the Rabbit.

How appropriate.

Take it away, Alfred....