Monday, October 18, 2010

Marvellous Mathilda

Meet our new bunny, Mathilda.
Adopted from the RSPCA one month ago; I saw her photo online and knew we had to pick her up.
4.5 kilos, orange, part Flemish Giant, and a rather wonderful animal overall.
She'll flop by our feet when we're sitting on the couch, still preferring to be a floor-bunny than a couch-bunny at the moment.
She figured out her treatball in next to no time, and will nose it around on the floor with impatience, trying to get the treats inside to fall out. When it's empty, she picks it up and throws it. She's also tried nosing other things around, hoping treats will fall out of them. :-)

It being Spring, she's losing her Winter fur and is creating drifts of white fur behind the couch, which is one of her favourite daytime snoozing spots (she keeps a watchful eye on the outside world through the big window there). When not there, she can be found snoozing under the coffee table, or out by her food, munching away.

She loves nothing more than to lay stretched out on the floor, being patted and having attention lavished upon her. When she's content, she cronches her teeth and closes her eyes.

Here's a few photos- I've taken hundreds so far, but this might be enough for starters... ;-)


  1. Mathilda is georges! Elyse said you had a new bunny.
    Sorry I missed you last Friday


  2. Yes, gorgeous and she *knows* it. We somehow seem to find ourselves late all the time- "sorry, I was distracted by a fluffy orange thing"...she's very good at getting us to stay and snuggle her. Wussy bun. :-p
    Nevermind, I'm sure there'll be another get-together. :-)