Monday, March 22, 2010

Fruity happenings!

Well, these past several days have just been plum busy!
(Good pun, no?)

We have a great harvest of plums and pears at the moment, so I have been kept busy trying to preserve them in all manner of ways...jam, jelly, dehydrating, chutney, sauce, icecream, cider...

Here's a mosaic I have tried to make, thanks to a beaut programme I found online, courtesy of this website- just choose how to upload your pics (either from a flickr or FaceBook account if you have one, or from your computer, and away you go. :-)
- I was finding it incredibly frustrating to try to make little mosaics of my photos using the inbuilt tools on blogger, so was most pleased to come across this simple-to-use programme! Expect to see more mosaics in the future!)


  1. Exquisite photographs beautifully displayed! Thanks for letting us know about the application you used. I find that a lot of things are frustrating on Blogger! If you are coming down on Thursday I'd love some pears.

  2. I find it's a bit of a pain to upload photos no matter what I use, as mine are all such a large size. But once that's done, I find the Mosaic Maker is far, far easier to use! And you can try so many different styles, too!

    Okeydokes, I'll be bringing lots of pears, both fresh and dried...and maybe some of the pear jam I'm making as we speak, which seems to be turning out rather well! :-)

  3. This is my test to see if I can post a comment. Great to see you today and that's for inspiring me to keep working on our vegie garden and to start thinking about how to cook quinces. Any easy recipes ?

  4. Aha, a new commenter! :-)
    Yes, reading you loud and clear.
    Lovely to see you too!
    Hmm, quince recipes...I shall ask my mum, who always did these things, and get back to you.